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Cultivate A Thriving Brand with Content Creation

  • By D. Christensen
  • 2024-04-22

The garden is in, and the vegetables are growing.

planting a seed.png

Getting to this point has been more involved and complex than gardening videos would have you believe. Branding a business with the authenticity it needs to resonate with an audience can be just as challenging.

Let me explain.

No garden, no growth

Five years ago, the ranch didn't have a garden. It had a growing area staked out -- in the middle of the septic drain field. Because there were no boundaries, the deer wandered freely among the dreams of a burgeoning garden doused with effluent wastewater. 

I assure you that we were just as repelled by the idea. We like root vegetables, lettuce and everything from the brassica family (think broccoli); they do not like gray water. Furthermore, our gray water contains salt and needs dilution before any garden application. Black water from our septic system was a big no.

We didn't give up. We planned.

Hardscaping isn't for the weak

Next to the septic drain field sat a rock pile. The mound contained rocks, dirt, cactus, and snakes fifteen feet in diameter and four feet high. The deer played king of the mountain on the eyesore, making an attractive nuisance for ruminants.

It had to go, and so did the brush and dead vegetation in the back pasture. Our land management specialist cleared two acres, sculpting it into a tiny pasture, and then he flattened the adjacent rockpile and shoved the boulders around the leveled edge. 

We had the beginnings of a garden space!

carving out the hardscape.png

Last summer, I spread five yards of dirt and three yards of cedar mulch across a 20' x 20' surface and carved out a pathway from the backyard to the garden. Then, we installed a seven-foot-tall deer-proof fence.

The containers arrived in the winter, and we began our hugelkultur, a sustainable permaculture method that improves less soil for more yield—much like the ROI you want for your business with branding.

Focused effort, high yield

There's still work ahead, like staining the bench seat and adding lighting. In another season, we may vary our raised beds to maximize the garden space and diversify our yield. It's a process, but it's calculated based on research, experience, and a bit of luck—much like branding a business!

Building a robust brand requires consistent care and attention. You've been building your business, and to take it from concept to reality, you've had to work hard by carving out your hardscape and prepping the soil for the anticipated cornucopia of digital marketing: your capability statement, social media and email campaigns, article generation, ebooks and white papers. 

content marketing strategy.png

Broad Nib Creek Studio, your brand gardener, approaches your business with the same dedication and expertise a gardener brings to their plot of land. We're the go-to for individuals and small business owners needing content creation.

So, if you're ready to cultivate a thriving brand and reap the rewards of a loyal customer base, consider Broad Nib Creek Studio as your trusted brand gardener. With our expertise and dedication, we'll help your business brand blossom and reach its full potential.