The chances are good that you either hate to write or you’re busy doing other things. That’s why you’re here: to hire a professional writer who can do the writing for you.

Content Writing

Get your words on demand.

When you require awesome web content and the right words to make your ideas come alive, you want an online writing specialist who can help you convey your message in the right format.

You’ve invested a lot of yourself in your business to make it what it is today.

What you don’t have time for is writing the copy you need. That white paper, sales letter or even your blog post gets pushed aside for you to attend to more pressing matters. Before long, a day or a week has gone by, and you’re nowhere close to getting the content you need. Your branding begins to suffer.

As the branding gap widens, you’re missing out on connecting with prospects.

Maybe you already have plenty of content, but now it’s time to refresh it. You’re looking to add a little zip to the written material you already have. Search engines gobble up new content on a web page. Every time you post something new on your site, the search engines take note, and your ranking goes up.

Broad Nib Creek Studio can help you with the written copy you need. We’ll close the gap between your content idea and the printed product. Even if you like what you already have, we’ll dust off your words and create some stellar revisions.

Our job is to help you maximize your brand with a variety of written content. What kind of writing will benefit your business? Blogs, articles, and books can drive your brand. You may need just one type of writing, or you could benefit from all three.


Readers prefer content in manageable bites.

Blogs are the appetizer before the main course. These morsels introduce the reader to your fare, creating an appetite for more content.

Frequently-posted blogs assure that you a steady stream of fresh content ready to appease your readers. Your frequent posts tell readers you’re staying on top of the latest research and trends in your field.

Broad Nib Creek Studio offers three blog packages for small to medium-sized businesses. The more blogs you order, the less they cost, which makes for a sweet deal when you need a lot of content to satiate your readers and prospective clients.


Longer articles give your readers what they need most: in-depth information they can put to use immediately.

If shorter pieces of writing are the appetizers, then articles are the main course. They are the meals you can sink your teeth into.

Search engines like to sink their teeth into longer pieces of writing, too.

Lengthy content provides search engines with the substantial keyword phrases they’re for. Long keyword phrases position your content in top search positions, and clients can quickly find what you have to offer.

Our articles vary in price, depending on the level of research and the expertise required for the writing.


A published book cements your credibility as a subject matter expert. Many owners of small to medium-sized businesses find that having a book to share automatically catapults them into SME status.

You may already be an expert who is ready to share your knowledge and experience. That’s great! You’re ready to share your expertise and get it written down so others can learn from you.

Some books are meant to be novels or memoirs, but writing these publications can be just as overwhelming as writing an informative volume.

Writing a book is not dissimilar to eating an elephant. You eat an elephant one bite at a time, and you write a book the same way: one word, one sentence, one paragraph, and one chapter at a time. The problem is that most people tire of the taste of elephant long before it’s gone. The same is true about writing a book. Writing paragraph after paragraph becomes tiresome, and completing the work feels overwhelming.

Starting the book is easy. Finishing it is another challenge altogether.

A professional ghostwriter will capture the tone and content you want, and they’ll produce a coherent work that’s useful and even entertaining to read.


Not all content is web-search oriented.

Content can be the tool, like a curriculum, that someone uses in doing a job. The curriculum helps employees understand what must be learned. Well-designed modules improve what people know. The curriculum development specialist your hire will have extensive classroom experience and an advanced degree in education. This specialist will likely be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on specific topics or will rely on your knowledge as an SME.

You can count on an instructional coordinator to formulate training plans that advance knowledge and skill in a particular area. Your coordinator will help you:

  • Evaluate Need
  • Research teaching trends
  • Determine the best way to teach the material
  • Assess progress toward learning mastery
  • Align instruction to state and national standards
  • Recommend or create additional training materials
  • Provide feedback and recommendation for improved effectiveness
  • Serve as an advisor or consultant to help you complete your projects

The benefit of having a well-planned curriculum is that it can bring your organization together as you launch a new course or program, or as you onboard new employees in your workplace.


So how do you generate the content you need?

The best thing you could do is hire a full-time professional writer.

Businesses need someone who can handle a variety of communication and content styles, but your writer can do far more than that. The best writers can organize multiple projects and stay on top of them, delivering on quality and reliability every time.

There’s one more reason to hire a full-time professional writer. Your writer also will help position you as an industry expert. When your prospects have problems, they’ll turn to you to get them solved.

They need what you know.

You may have already thought about giving away (or selling) an ebook. This single product can catapult you into a position of authority. Don’t need a full-time writer? Take advantage of flexibility as well as market value by hiring a part-time writer through a freelance writing service.

Hiring a freelance writing service allows you to maximize your communication strategy while minimizing your overhead.

You get access to a personal and professional writing service whenever you need the assistance. Whether that’s a one-time project or an ongoing campaign, we’re here. For us, it’s all about helping you achieve the results you’re seeking.

We’ll write your content while you take care of other business.

Bland is boring; sharp writing sells. Broad Nib Creek Studio will help you communicate your ideas through thoughtful words, robust imagery, and original text. We’ll even conduct the intensive research needed to position you as the subject matter expert you are.

Maximize your time by hiring a professional content writer to pen your projects for you — on time and in budget.


A professional writing service makes what you’re doing easier. When you hire a writer, whether full-time or part-time, look for someone who

  • writes with a confident voice
  • has a strong background in English and written communication
  • demonstrates correct grammar, usage, and mechanics
  • finds the interesting angle
  • can learn your business quickly
  • shows creativity in the writing/product design
  • will treat your business and goals the way you do
  • deliver content on or before your deadline
  • is responsive to your needs
  • stays in contact with you

The writer you hire should help your business look its best.


If you’re a small to medium-sized company seeking to expand your brand and stake your place in the market, we’re your writing service.

The Studio currently provides specialized services in:

  • content writing for the web and email marketing
  • ghostwritten ebooks & ebooks with bylines
  • articles with SEO and long-tail keywords
  • creative writing
  • training materials (coaching, real estate, policies and procedures)
  • case studies
  • sales content
  • blog posts
  • travel articles
  • edtech startup content
  • test item writing
  • grant writing
  • visual presentations
  • curriculum development (including education, English as a Second Language, English, theatre)

If you didn’t see what you’re looking for, ask about it. We may have added it to our portfolio.

Got a project in mind? Reach out and let’s talk about your content goals.

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Some people like doing their own writing.

They don’t like proofreading.

They want an editor to help out once the draft is in place. If you do your own writing, whether it’s an article or a complete book, you may have considered hiring a professional editing service.

Before you contract the first editing service you find, be aware that not all services are equal.

Some editing services check only grammar and mechanics, while others focus on high-level editing services that help you rewrite and refocus your content so that it’s as compelling as it is cogent. A manuscript will often require several layers of editing, from simple proofreading and copy editing to substantive editing intervention that targets usage and style.

Broad Nib Creek Studio will make sure your writing is logical, coherent and correct. Our experience includes:

  • Academic and scholarly articles
  • Books and ebooks
  • Scientific articles
  • Theses
  • Dissertations

Editing is the final check in the mirror before going out. Your document or article has to look sharp, especially if you’re sending it out for publication.

The studio offers three levels of editing:

  • Basic editing – Consisting of grammar, usage, and mechanics analysis and corrections, this packages offers light editing services. We don’t change the organization of your writing, and your phrases and sentences remain intact.
  • Medium – In this package, we look for and limit the use of passive voice and difficult-to-read sentences. We also correct errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics.
  • Heavy editing – This type of editing includes revisions and rewrites. We help you utilize powerful organizational strategies, strengthen your sentences, and bring out your voice. We also correct errors in grammar, usage, and mechanics.

All packages are priced by the page; contact us now for details.

Editing can also include fact-checking for accuracy and fairness. We’re well-versed in APA and MLA citation styles, so your source documentation will be formatted correctly every time, whether your article has a scholarly or literary focus.

Our goal is to be meticulous in helping you produce your best work.

Whether for editing, curriculum and training materials, or other writing services, Broad Nib Creek Studio is here to write for you.

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