Pablo Picasso said, “I am always learning that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

Learning and growing throughout your lifetime is the best way to stay sharp, not only in your career, but as an individual.

There are several learning paths to take you toward your goals.


If you’re seeking hands-on learning in a collaborative and supportive environment, a workshop is the way to go.

Bringing everyone together in a group can be a lot of fun, and ideas exchanges are powerful.

The best workshop presenters are change agents. Dynamic presenters can take the material that needs to be taught, and they help the participants embrace it rather than run from it.

People rarely give up preconceived ideas without resistance. Learning new concepts means change is on the way, but change can be a good thing if it’s presented appropriately.

Change doesn’t come easy when you’re an adult. Some people get set in their ways, and they like themselves just the way they are. They don’t see a reason for a change, even though change is imminent. The thought of learning something new may suggest that employees take on more responsibility at work. Some of your employees don’t want their colleagues to see that they learn less quickly than their peers.

We get that.

When we build a workshop presentation for clients, we begin with clear, concrete learning objectives. Then we provide a variety of activities that allow participants to interact with the content and apply it to their jobs and duties.

Everyone will master the content.

Adults need plenty of time for interaction and reflection as they take on new learning. Your workshop presenter also must address the unique learning styles of the adult learner.

Here at the Broad Nib Creek Studio, we know how to develop activities that utilize multiple learning styles and help adults learners take new information and make it their own. In essence, we help to mitigate the negative aspects of change.

Whether you have half a dozen employees or you need training for 100 people, the Broad Nib Creek Studio has experience in working with educators and business professionals.

Our Workshops include, but are not limited to:

  • Women of Courage, Confidence, and Faith
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • Adult Writing Workshops

Our sessions consist of half days (three hours) and full days (six hours), excluding breaks and meals, but other arrangements can be made.

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Online Courses

Can’t devote a day, or even half a day to training?

That’s understandable.

Days fill up quickly with the responsibilities of work, family, school, and community. Most people are getting less than seven hours of sleep at night because their waking hours are so full of obligations.

Even with a lot to do, you want to keep your skills sharp and mind alert. Online Courses can help you do that.

You can get the same training you’d find in a workshop, but you decide when the time is right.

Your schedule, your convenience.

The Broad Nib Creek Studio online-courses are intuitive and self-paced. You can do as much or little in a session as you wish. You may even find yourself getting a little more sleep since you won’t have commuting time to factor in.

Our course titles will be posted soon.

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When you are ready to learn the latest trends and get new insights, sign up for a webinar.

There are many good reasons to attend a webinar, including:

  • Getting to practice your technology skills
  • Meeting other people in the webinar (small Webinars are best for networking)
  • Attending from anywhere
  • Having an opportunity to learn something new
  • Being entertained
  • Meeting the presenter and sampling the company brand before committing to more significant purchases

The best thing about a webinar is the Aha! Moment when that one stellar idea comes to you. That’s when you’ll be so glad you chose to sit in.

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